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innovators by trade

Each year, we invest in research and manufacture machinery for EPP, EPS and ETPU that optimises production processes and reduces consumption.


We use our experience to look towards the future

Alessiohitech's roots are founded in over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of EPS — EPP — ETPU machinery. In our technical offices, the expertise of experienced designers meets the new ideas of young engineers and the challenges proposed by companies. From this union comes machinery that is increasingly solid and high-performing, made with quality materials, able to optimise consumption and reduce production costs.

"We believe in young minds and innovation, hence each year we invest 8% of our turnover in research and development projects and hire young and motivated engineers to help us to look further and further into the future. "

Franco Alessio
General Manager Alessiohitech

We bring Italian know-how to the world

All our EPP, ETPU and EPS machinery is designed and manufactured in our production unit in Medolago, in the province of Bergamo, following strict production protocols that guarantee the use of quality components, solid and durable structures, electrical systems and modern electronics. In addition is the state-of-the-art software installed on each machine that increases performance and overall quality even further.

The benefits of the plants and the results we have achieved over the years have transformed the name Alessiohitech into a point of reference for the creation of innovative solutions. Our customers recognise us as a precise and reliable interlocutor, able to find the most suitable technology for all specific needs. To date, we have collaborated with companies all over the world in developing cutting-edge solutions dedicated to the most diverse industrial sectors, including the automotive, construction, logistics and packaging.

"Exports account for 80% of our annual turnover. We export our machinery to the American continent, Asia, South Africa and—of course—throughout Europe, helping companies optimise production processes and reduce consumption through the design and construction of high-tech machinery. "

Pietro Savoldelli
Business Development Alessiohitech

We work with research institutions and companies to find innovative solutions

Our propensity for innovation, the time we dedicate to analysis and the commitment to optimising production processes allow us to collaborate with large companies known all over the world but also with research institutions and universities, both Italian and international.

Thanks to the constant investment in research, we were the first to obtain the crystallisation patent in 2010 followed by other patents and certifications for cutting-edge solutions. In addition, we take part in significant international projects each year for the development of new technologies that mark the progress of the expansive material industry.

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We devote the right amount of attention each project deserves

Another key point of our approach to the market is the attention we dedicate to each client. We listen to their ideas, design machinery that transforms such thoughts into reality, accompanying them throughout the prototyping and mould-design phases, before creating production lines and offering an after-sales service that ensures the implementation of new features and support over the years.

From the simple client-supplier relationship, lasting and satisfying partnerships are born, united by shared goals for growth for ourselves and the companies with which we interact.

"Although it may seem standard, every ETPU, EPP and EPS machine model is actually the result of a detailed design and construction analysis that permits the client to create increasingly complex products. "

Maria Maddalena Savoldelli
​C.E.O. Alessiohitech

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