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Innovative solutions for EPP — EPS — ETPU

Our EPP, EPS and ETPU machinery represents state-of-the-art solutions for all industries utilising components in expansive materials.


An experience gained in the field in every industrial sector

Thanks to our research and development office, we support research institutions, universities and multinationals in finding the most suitable solutions for any need related to the world of expansive materials. In some cases, this solution is represented by standard machinery, however for the most part, we are asked to develop custom systems that optimise consumption, reduce production time, lower costs and generally improve production overall.

The experience gained over the years has rendered Alessiohitech synonymous with innovation and solutions, hence why we can boast of collaborations with companies operating in a range of industrial sectors, all sharing in the need for top-quality pieces comprising high-performance and avant-garde machinery.


With our machinery, it is possible to manufacture EPP products for the automotive sector—from interior components to safe and durable helmets for cars and motorcycles.


Alessiohitech machinery is able to produce lightweight and resistant containers with custom shapes, colours and capacity, employed by the entire packaging industry.

Construction industry

We have designed specific systems for insulating panels, radiant panels and ICF modules yet our solutions can also be used in all the componentry required by the construction industry.

Sporting goods

From cushioned insoles for shoes to shells for sports helmets, through to components intended for sports equipment in general.

Food & Beverage

Alessiohitech machinery is utilised in the manufacture of food packaging: from small ice cream trays to large containers for seafood products.

Technical items

Alessiohitech moulding presses can print components for ventilation systems, household appliances, the pharmaceutical sector and much more.


Customised solutions offer shelving and internal components for furniture and furnishing accessories carefully studied both from a structural and aesthetic point of view.

Logistics sector

Thanks to our thermoforming lines, it is possible to create lightweight and durable pallets that are fully-recyclable and with extremely fast production cycles.

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