A versatility based aptitude
We entertain successful partnerships with companies operating in a wide variety of industries, which all require superior quality particle foam components made from high-performing, state-of-the-art machines. Alessiohitech is the ideal partner to produce customised solutions to achieve high performance and optimisation of production processes.
Research and development for EPP - EPS - ETPU
Reducing costs and consumption, increasing quality and optimizing production processes: these are the objectives that push us to constantly invest in research and development.

Our long-term experience in developing and producing machinery for EPS, EPP, ETPU and many other next-generation biopolymers and co-polymers has allowed us to become a trustworthy and reliable partner, who is capable of finding the right technology to meet all specific demands and establish ourselves as a comprehensive benchmark enterprise in the particle foam industry.

Exporting Italian know-how worldwide

All the machines in our portfolio, including shape molding machines, thermoforming lines and customised automation systems, are designed and manufactured in the production facility in Medolago, in the province of Bergamo, complying with the strictest design and manufacturing standards to guarantee the customer the best possible product.

We currently collaborate in partnership with enterprises all over the world developing innovative solutions for multiple industrial sectors: from automotive to construction, from logistics to packaging.

Alessiohitech technology is distributed globally from North America to Europe, Asia and Australia.

The keys to our success

Our consistent commitment to finding new solutions and developing new technologies, combined with the reliability of our machines, represent a guarantee of growth for our customers and their businesses, allowing them to achieve concrete advantages in terms of productivity, cost reduction and energy consumptions.

Experience meets innovation

Alessiohitech has always laid the foundations for a context which gives value to encounters and dialogue among the most experienced technicians and the innovative impetus of young engineers. This is why the company has always focused its attention on new recruits, carefully verifying the motivations so that they can help it look to the future with even more determination.

The growth of Alessiohitech

Alessiotech has grown consistently over the last few years, supported by innovation, passion and the keen commitment of its team. Its success on the market is also due to the exceptional level of quality of the machines it produces, which has also led it to achieve an outstanding brand reputation at an international level.

Our growth is not simply a matter of figures: in addition to a turnover of around 110 million Euro and the support of around 50 employees and collaborators, it also underlines the expansion of our innovation skills and abilities.

We look to the future with a sense of confidence and determination, driven forward by the Board of Directors consisting of Maria Maddalena Savoldelli (Chair), Mattia Alessio (Director), Alice Savoldelli (Director) and Raffaele Riva, and focused on our mission of delivering state-of-the-art solutions aimed at expanding the business opportunities of our customers.


Dedicated and customised attention

Establishing a partnership with a customer means paying them attention, giving them time, listening to their ideas and then turning all of it into something tangible and real: whether it’s a thermoforming line, a shape molding machine, or other. This is the most profound, long-lasting and rewarding aspect of the customer-supplier relationship: facing challenges together, aligning our technological growth with that of our customers. Our in-house R&D department is at the centre of this scenario, making its expertise and technicians available for testing new materials, innovative products or new processes.


Innovation and sustainability

Working in the present with an eye on the future

We manage all the components involved in a production process in a careful and virtuous manner, particularly when it comes to sustainability and recycling.
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