A versatility based aptitude
We entertain successful partnerships with companies operating in a wide variety of industries, which all require superior quality particle foam components made from high-performing, state-of-the-art machines. Alessiohitech is the ideal partner to produce customised solutions to achieve high performance and optimisation of production processes.
Research and development for EPP - EPS - ETPU
Reducing costs and consumption, increasing quality and optimizing production processes: these are the objectives that push us to constantly invest in research and development.
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Uncategorized - 19/04/2023

Elettrica, the new full electric machine

Our new full-electric machine, available for EPS, EPP and ETPU, can be an excellent support for your production line. The following are only some of its advantages:

  1. more scalable (sizes range available)
  2. more flexible (mold housing)
  3. more energetically efficient
  4. quiter
  5. faster
  6. more precise