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Research and developement
for EPP – EPS – ETPU

Reducing costs and consumption, increasing quality and optimising production processes—these are the objectives that drive us to constantly invest in research and development.


Young engineers and new challenges for the market of the future

At Alessiohitech, we believe that new challenges can be overcome thanks to the knowledge of the latest technologies and their application in the development of state-of-the-art machinery. Our name has become synonymous with innovation in the field of expansive materials. Each year, we invest around 8% of our turnover in research and development, collaborating with research institutions, universities and multinationals. This has allowed us to always be one step ahead and to obtain innovative patents that confirm our commitment to the creation of high-performance solutions.

Crystallisation patent in 2010

We were the first to develop a single- and double-glazing crystallisation system that results in expanded and crystallised products in a single production cycle. Crystallisation of EPP, EPS and ETPU renders the surface of each piece homogenous, keeping the central part soft, elastic, light and durable. The process gives each component a high aesthetic value, whilst improving resistance from a mechanical point of view, without the need to undergo secondary finishing processes.

Patented system with 3 half moulds

Thanks to this patented system, it is possible to print complex components in EPP, EPS and ETPU, using moulds with inserts and reducing the time between production cycles. Indeed, the operator can even change the moulds whilst the machine is in operation so as to speed up production times. Moreover, if in addition to this system, the machine is equipped with an anthropomorphic robot, it is possible to minimise operator intervention and optimise the processes even further.

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Ecological moulding press

A moulding press that utilised recycled EPS with zero pentane content. ECO by Alessiohitech represented a veritable revolution in the world of EPS moulding, starting from various types of expanded polystyrene, in a range of densities, different conditions and even materials with plastic percentages, films or EPP, managing to achieve amazing results in terms of quality, time and savings.

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