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Moulding press for EPS EPS

With its patented three-part mould system, this EPS moulding press speeds up times between cycles and allows complex moulds and inserts to be mounted.

PMT is a transfer moulding press for EPS designed to support complex moulds. Thanks to its patented system with three half-moulds, it allows any inserts to be fitted in complete safety—even when the machine is in operation so as to speed up the preparation time between one cycle and the next. In addition, if equipped with anthropomorphic robots, it automates production by minimising operator intervention. 


of application

The PMT moulding press allows components in EPS to be produced for industrial sectors requiring complex parts, such as:

Construction industry
Sporting goods
Food & Beverage
Technical items


PMT - Moulding press for EPS
Moulding dimensions
The PMT moulding press permits a printing area ranging from 1300 x 800 mm to 2000 x 1500 mm.
Patented mould system
Thanks to the patented three-part mould system, this moulding press is able to load multiple inserts and complex moulds.
Man-machine interface 4.0
The latest generation software renders this machine a highly-technological solution designed for Industry 4.0.

Technical data

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The PMT moulding press has a printing area ranging from 1300 x 800 mm to 2000 x 1500 mm. The patented system with three half-moulds is able to print both simple and complex components whilst maintaining high quality in the finished product. Furthermore, when equipped with an anthropomorphic robot, it can be fully automated to further reduce production times and costs. 

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