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Moulding press for EPS EPS

This eco-friendly moulding press is able to print recycled EPS with zero pentane content and minimises the steam, vacuum and air energy consumption.

An ecological machine that reduces the energy consumption of steam, vacuum and air usage whilst maintaining a high level of quality in the finished product, it guarantees a fast and high-performance production cycle. The ECO machine, being Alessiohitech’s EPS moulding press, guarantees maximum profit with minimum production costs and can work with 100%-recycled EPS with zero pentane content.


of application

With the ECO moulding press, it is possible to quickly and precisely print environmentally-friendly components in 100%-recycled EPS. This machine is used mainly in the following sectors:

Construction industry
Logistics sector


ECO - Moulding press for EPS
Moulding dimensions
The ECO moulding press permits a printing area ranging from 1200 x 1200 mm e 2000 x 1600 mm.
This machine is designed to print 100%-recycled EPS material with zero pentane content.
Reduced consumption
This moulding press is designed with a focus on energy efficiency and savings.
Man-machine interface 4.0
The latest generation software renders this machine a highly-technological solution designed for Industry 4.0.

Technical data

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The ECO moulding press can maximise profit by printing 100%-recycled EPS with zero pentane content, no matter the density, condition or origin. Its highly-technological structure reduces the steam, vacuum and air energy consumption, maintaining high mechanical quality in the finished product and ensuring a very fast production cycle. 

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