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Thermoforming line for EPS pallets

A thermoforming line able to coat EPS pallets on both sides, increasing their mechanical strength and improving their aesthetic appearance.

The LTP thermoforming line is specially designed for the thermo-coating of durable, lightweight and manoeuvrable EPS pallets. It can be used to create pallets that come in custom colours, are washable, durable and reusable, with fast cycles that reduce production costs. In addition, it can be completed with a robotic system for loading/unloading the finished product. 


of application

The resistance and handling of thermoformed EPS pallets renders them suitable for all companies dealing with the handling of goods, hence why our thermoforming line finds its main application in the 

Logistics sector


LTP - Thermoforming line for EPS pallets
Carico film
Possibilità di carico film con spessore massimo di 1,0 mm.
Consumi ottimizzati
Ottimizzazione dei consumi.
Sistema di immagazzinamento automatico
Sistema di immagazzinamento automatico su richiesta.
Unico operatore per il controllo dell’intera linea.
Unico operatore per il controllo dell’intera linea.
Industria 4.0
Soluzione concepita per l’industria 4.0 

Technical data

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LTP is the thermoforming line specifically for the thermo-coating of lightweight and resistantEPS pallets, availing of films with a thickness from 0.2 to 1.0 mm. It can be robotic so as to permit theautomatic loading/unloading of the finished product. 

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