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Moulding press for EPP and ETPU EPP ETPU

Thanks to an aerial robot with double template, this automated machine permits loading inserts and films then unloading the finished product... all minimising operator operation.

Through a dual-template aerial robot, this automated moulding press for EPP and ETPU renders it possible to load inserts/film, unload and stack the finished product, and much more. Fully customisable, it is the ideal solution for 4.0 companies wanting to minimise operator intervention to speed up production, monitor consumption and optimise processes. 


of application

The PMPA moulding press is used in all sectors requiring moulded components in EPP and ETPU through highly-automated productions, such as:

Construction industry
Sporting goods
Food & Beverage
Technical items


PMPA - Moulding press for EPP and ETPU
Moulding dimensions
The PMPA moulding press offers a printing area ranging from 1000 x 800 mm and 3500 x 1500 mm.
Robotic automation
Thanks to a double-template aerial robot, this moulding press can load inserts and films, unload the finished product, stack it... all without the need of an operator.
Inserts grip system
Depending on the type of insert or film utilised, a vacuum suction grip system or a pneumatically-controlled clamp system can be installed.
Quick change of moulds
The quick mould changer system developed by Alessiohitech minimises machine preparation time.
Remote Diagnostics
The remote diagnostics system is able to monitor production from afar and provide timely and cost-effective assistance.
Reduced consumption
This moulding press is designed with a focus on energy efficiency and savings
Entirely customisable
This moulding press is entirely customisable with the integration of specific units that offer a solution that automates and operates according to the specific needs of each company.
Crystallisation system
An optional crystallisation system for EPP and ETPU developed by Alessiohitech is integrated directly into the production process.
Double density
Our optional system allows you to print double-density components in a single production cycle.
Motorised moulds
This optional system permits the use of motorised moulds with variable thicknesses.
Commanding moving parts
Control of the moving parts in the moulds is integrated into the production process.
Moulding cycles
There is the possibility to create multiple automated moulding cycles with inserts or films. 
Film and insert storage areas
It is possible to have one or more film or insert warehouses for the production of complex parts.
Cutting and deburring units
Film cutting and deburring ensures the production of quality finished components.
Man-machine interface 4.0
The latest generation software renders this machine a highly-technological solution designed for Industry 4.0.

Technical data

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Highly customisable, the moulding dimensions of the PMPA press are between 1000 x 800 mm and 3500 x 1500 mm and—on request—can integrate into the production cycle: the crystallisation system developed by Alessiohitech, the use of motorised moulds with variable thicknesses, and all the features required by the specific production requirements of each company. 

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