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Moulding press for EPP and ETPU EPP ETPU

This moulding press is designed for mass production. Thanks to its fast unloading system, it discharges and stacks the finished product on one or more levels, speeding up the timing of each cycle.

The moulding press for EPP and ETPU is especially suited for mass production. Its technology renders it a fast and high-performance machine that guarantees elevated standards of quality and—thanks to the rapid unloading system—places the finished product on one or more levels, optimising production cycles and offering significant savings in time and cost. 


of application

The PMPS moulding press is especially suitable for large-scale mass production and is thus used in sectors such as: 

Construction industry
Sporting goods
Food & Beverage
Technical items


PMPS - Moulding press for EPP and ETPU
Moulding dimensions
The PMPS moulding press allows a printing area between 455 x 575 mm and 3500 x 1500 mm.
Quick unloader
The automated unloading system discharges the finished product and stacks it vertically without causing damage, thanks to a vacuum or mechanical grip system.
Unloading of large components
The automated unloading system allows you to properly discharge both small components and large-dimension products, such as food & beverage crates or insulating productsfor the construction industry. 
Multi-level unloading
The vertical unloading device facilitates the removal of the finished piece from the machine and arranges it across one or more levels to render storage even faster and more efficient. 
Quick change of moulds
The quick mould changer system developed by Alessiohitech minimises machine preparation time.
Remote Diagnostics
The remote diagnostics system is able to monitor production from afar and provide timely and cost-effective assistance.
Reduced consumption
This moulding press is designed with a focus on energy efficiency and savings.
Optimisation of timeframes
This moulding press is designed to be fast and high-performing, guaranteeing considerable savings during large-series productions.
Crystallisation system
An optional crystallisation system for EPP and ETPU developed by Alessiohitech is integrated directly into the production process.
Man-machine interface 4.0
The latest generation software renders this machine a highly-technological solution designed for Industry 4.0.
Double density
Our optional system allows you to print double-density components in a single production cycle. 
Motorised moulds
This optional system permits the use of motorised moulds with variable thicknesses.
Commanding moving parts
Control of the moving parts in the moulds is integrated into the production process.

Technical data

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The PMPS moulding press offers an extensive printing area ranging from 455 x 575 mm and 3500 x 1500 mm. Equipped with a quick unloading system, it is optimised to reduce production consumption, offering a remote diagnostics system and—upon request—can integrate the crystallisation system developed by Alessiohitech. 

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