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Moulding press for EPP ed ETPU EPP ETPU

This moulding press with transfer technology is able to load multiple and complex inserts, optimising the production time of technical products in series.

The PMPT moulding press is designed for loading inserts into multiple and complex moulds. Equipped with a patented system with three half-moulds, inserts can be fitted and the finished product unloaded in complete safety—even when the machine is in operation—optimising the time between one cycle and the next. Perfect for moulding technical components in series, it can be equipped with an anthropomorphic robot that automates the loading/unloading operations and reduces operator intervention. 


of application

The PMPT moulding press is particularly suited to printing technical components that require a high standard of precision and which are intended for the following sectors:

Construction industry
Sporting goods
Food & Beverage
Technical items


PMPT - Moulding press for EPP ed ETPU
Dimensione di stampaggio
La pressa di stampaggio PMPT permette un’area di stampaggio compresa tra 1300x800mm e 2000x1500m.
Sistema di stampi brevettato
Grazie al sistema brevettato a tre mezzi stampi, questa pressa di stampaggio permette il carico di inserti multipli e stampi complessi.
Cambio rapido stampi
Sistema di cambio rapido stampi sviluppato da Alessiohitech per ridurre al minimo i tempi di preparazione della macchina.
Diagnostica remota
Sistema remoto di diagnostica che permette di monitorare la produzione a distanza e offrire un’assistenza tempestiva e a costo ridotto.  
Consumi ridotti
Questa pressa di stampaggio è progettata con attenzione al risparmio e all’efficienza energetica.
Interfaccia uomo-macchina 4.0
Software di ultima generazione rendono questa macchina una soluzione altamente tecnologica concepita per l’industria 4.0.

Technical data

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The PMPT moulding press is equipped with a printing area with dimensions ranging from a minimum of 1300 x 800 mm to a maximum of 2000 x 1500 mm. Thanks to its patented system with three half-moulds, it optimises production times whilst allowing inserts to be loaded when the machine is in operation and—if equipped with an anthropomorphic robot—reduces operator interventions and automates the processes. 

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