A versatility based aptitude
We entertain successful partnerships with companies operating in a wide variety of industries, which all require superior quality particle foam components made from high-performing, state-of-the-art machines. Alessiohitech is the ideal partner to produce customised solutions to achieve high performance and optimisation of production processes.
Research and development for EPP - EPS - ETPU
Reducing costs and consumption, increasing quality and optimizing production processes: these are the objectives that push us to constantly invest in research and development.

We anticipated a trend with our innovation

We were the first to patent a crystallisation system to produce particle foam and crystallised products in ONE single production cycle, bestowing high aesthetic value and greater mechanical strength to each and every component.

Super lightweight, impact-resistant, thermal, and ideal for food-contact: these are just some of the reasons why the demand for particle foams, such as EPP, continues to grow throughout the market whilst expanding their fields of application.

The drive of certain sectors, such as the automotive industry, has played an important role in this expansion: in order to reduce the overall weight of electric cars and boost their performance, a series of components made of other materials have been replaced. In the logistics industry, lighter transport has generated savings on fuel and CO2 emissions; in sectors where the external appearance of products is important, there has also been a demand for improvement of their aesthetic properties.

A patented system for enhanced aesthetic and mechanical advantages

The innovation developed by Alessiohitech anticipated the trend of EPP, EPS and ETPU products. In fact, we were the first to develop and patent a technology, called Crystallised, that selectively crystallises the outer surface of one side of the product, creating a strong, durable and aesthetically appealing protective film, all in one single production cycle.
This film is not an additional preformed film, as it is created during the molding of the foam used to make the product itself. In addition to being a mono-material product, the surface of each piece is rendered homogeneous, whilst maintaining the core section soft and light.

Customisations and Crystallisation application examples

Depending on the product type, and the technical function to be achieved, it is possible to choose which side to use for this film. In special cases, Double Crystallisation can also be achieved, creating a film that covers the entire surface of the product. In other cases, for example in the Food & Packaging industries, the EPP thermal containers are “crystallised” internally, making the box waterproof and improving its ease of cleaning.

The Crystallised system is also used to make sports helmets, ventilation units, logistics solutions and much more: wherever there is a demand for improving the aesthetic appearance of the product and contextually boost the mechanical properties of surface resistance.

Crystallised technology can only be used on Alessiohitech shape molding machines, equipped with Alessiohitech special molds.